Pro Disc Music

Professional DJ Services

What we offer

We guarantee you a professional service that includes:

  • courtesy, politeness and respect for you and your function;
  • business and after hours availability to discuss your needs and function;
  • cooperation and willingness to work with you in making the event a success;
  • professional dress code, attitude and conduct (eg. no alcohol consumed whilst on duty); 
  • 1 hr early arrival and set up prior to the function;
  • reliable, hi tech and up to date equipment;
  • availability to extend the play period if desired;
  • with your approval, flexibility in allowing guests and family to select and change music on the night;
  • some party games and karaoke (if required); and
  • a very reasonable service fee!

All functions will include free lighting, microphone, smoke/fog machine (if required) and master of ceremonies service. In addition, we can also assist you with speech formulation and write ups.